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Q: How does Moliday work – do you have any tuturial ?

A: Yes – Click here to get a fast and easy intruduction.

Q: Is Moliday free ?

A: Yes, all services on Moliday are free to use unless a provider state else. (Movies/TV shows)

Q: How do I activate my social accounts ?

A: You can log in using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Each account are unique and separated from eachother. However, if you allow your computers cache to store login and cookies Moliday will automatically access and present your feeds.

Q: Can I save settings, shortcuts and bookmarks ?

A: Yes, After you have logged in to any account, your preferences are then matched with your ID and choosen settings. (During our Beta this service under development).

Q: Why is Google + only a login option and not offering feeds as the other providers ?

A: We are working on integrating Google+ and will update the function as soon as possible.

Didn′t find the answer to your question ? Send your questions to faq@moliday.com

About Us

Moliday, was founded in september 2012 in Sweden, started by a team of media and software proffesionals and supported by our network in some of the countries where we have launched the beta version.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide the traditional media experience spiced up with your social, news and other media needs. We welcome you all to send us any feedback, tips or suggestions that can make our service even better. We also encourage you to help us in new countries through the country contribution document. (Send it to newcountry@moliday.com ) Found under ”Help us”.

Our service

Moliday offer an integrated platform where we let online media merge. The service lets you enjoy the mixture of social media, TV, music and news, all content packaged nationally and topped of with our own functions for increased user experience.

Your role

In order to make Moliday the service you want we have decided to be user driven from day 1. In order to be efficient we would appreciate if you use the ”Help us” button – a function that will build our service further and increase your experience.

The basic idea

  • All media at one place.
  • Multiple solutions for watching, sharing and interact.
  • A growing service – help us be better and we will add new features and functions.
  • To be the preferred online media platform.

To get in contact with us please use the following:

  • Want to be a partner with Moliday ?
  • Do you have content you want featured on Moliday ?
  • Do you have an marketing idea you would like to discuss with us ?
  • Do you want to get in contact with the management ?

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